Daredevil: Hell to Pay Vol. 1

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Daredevil: Hell to Pay Vol. 1

By Ed Brubaker (Author), Michael Lark (Illustrator), Lee Weeks (Illustrator)

Collects: Daredevil #94-99

Special Notes: None

The second big year of award-winning creators Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark's explosive run on Daredevil is here, and if you think Matt Murdock's life is going to start getting simpler, think again! As Matt tries to deal with the changes in his life, and find a way to move forward, a threat from his past begins to creep toward daylight. And with the post-Civil War fallout all around him, the price of being Daredevil just got even higher. The next mystery begins here! Plus: Milla and Matt have been reunited, but the things he's been through - prison and then life on the run - have changed him. And now, in the days after the Marvel Civil War, being Daredevil is even more dangerous than it was before Matt got taken down. Can their relationship survive the new obstacles that have been placed in their way? Can "Blind Love" conquer all?


  • 144 pages
  • Cover price: $14.99
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics ()
  • ISBN-10: ISBN 0785124845
  • ISBN-13: ISBN 978-0785124849