Daredevil: The Devil, Inside and Out Vol. 2

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Daredevil: The Devil, Inside and Out Vol. 2

By Ed Brubaker (Author), Michael Lark (Illustrator)

Collects: Daredevil #88-93

Special Notes: None

Daredevil’s search for the truth leads him out of the country, on a swashbuckling noir adventure that hasn’t been seen in the pages of DD for years! But is this the other DD, or the original? Only time will tell, as the hit new DD creative team of Brubaker and Lark dive straight into their second story. Plus: a special episode focusing on Daredevil’s recently deceased best friend, Foggy Nelson. Did we really know all there is to know about Foggy? What remains hidden in the life of this man, that could still affect Matt Murdock’s fate to this day?


  • 144 pages
  • Cover price: $14.99
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics (May 16, 2007)
  • ISBN-10: ISBN 0785122419
  • ISBN-13: ISBN 978-0785122418